Cybersindiket Original Scripts & Addons

1. Description: RBC Script (Really Basic Cybersindiket Script)
Features: Chan\Personal Protection, Away System, Own Logo Maker,
Autojoin\AutoID, Nick Colour, Smiley, FB, News, Music and much more.
Size: 36 kb (client NOT included in file)
mIRC: Tested using 6.03, 6.35, 7.22 and 7.55.
Download RBC

2. Description: CyberGoth Script (Full Script)
Features: Everything you need and so much more.
Extra Features: Disco nick with music.
Note: Large file size due to the mp3s included in the file.
Size: 45 mb (client included in file)
mIRC: Tested using 6.35, 7.22 and 7.55.
Download CyberGoth

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