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ShallyRecords Charts: Week 27 July - 03 Aug 2019
No. 1 Song: Song: Wendy - Itchy Cunt (album:Single) - 11,304 Jukebox plays
No. 2 Song: DJ SuperFreak - Moshin (album:Single) - 11,147 Jukebox plays
No. 3 Song: Bastard Five - Wayward (album:Single) - 10,982 Jukebox plays

Bali Pro Music Charts: Week 27 July - 03 Aug 2019
1: Bash It - Big Balls (Sony)
2: Me, Myself and High - RaggaWeed (Kocok\EMI)
3: The Herabalist - Good Weed (Leafy Records)

Clif Edward - Shade I Am (album: The Other Side) Listen
Eleonor England - Angel Eyes (album: ShallyRecords Vol.1) Listen
Le`Roi - Goodbye Earth (album:Emotional Lashes) Listen
Shy`Rite - Suckin It Like Barbara Streisand (album:Eradication Of Sadness) Listen
Clif Edward - Feel Love Again (album:ShallyRecords Vol.2) Listen
Le`Roi - Restless (album:Hope Fear and Desperation) Listen
Le`Roi - U (album:U Acoustic EP) Listen
Le`Roi feat. Xerxes - Light Trap (album:ShallyRecords Various Artists) Listen
Shy`Rite - Clitoral Beat Stick (album:Eradication Of Sadness) Listen
Le`Roi feat. Clif Edward - Nu (albums:Ruler Of Earth\The Other Side) Listen
Elonor England - Caravan (album:ShallyRecords Vol.1) Listen
Le`Roi - Voulez Vous (album:Aint Mine) Listen
Le`Roi feat. eSoreni - Without You[In My Dreams] (album:ShallyRecords Various Artists) Listen
Le`Roi - LedZep Tribute (album:Inner Demons) Listen
Clif Edward - Burnin For You[Live] (album:Sweet Irritation) Listen
Le`Roi - Now² (album:Profound Immorality) Listen
Shy`Rite - Eradication Of Sadness (album:Eradication Of Sadness) Listen
Le`Roi - ButtFucker (album:ShallyRecords Various Artists) Listen
Le`Roi feat. Xerxes - Flower Of Truth (album:ShallyRecords Vol.2) Listen
Clif Edward - Interview at ShallyRecords Listen
Le`Roi - Alien Seduction (album:Emotional Lashes) Listen
Shy`Rite - Rites Of Adulthood (album:Eradication Of Sadness) Listen
Clif Edward - Mr. Crowley (album:The Other Side) Listen
Le`Roi - Cauchemar (album:Ruler Of Earth) Listen

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